Sunday, 11 January 2015

We're the Geocachers!

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Hello; we're the geocachers!
The Geocachers themselves
RealFireFlies is a 27 year old Geocacher. She's been geocaching since April 2013 and loves well-hidden urban Geocaches. She has 20 caches of her own, and has adopted 16 along with Pip_Squeek (it was 17, but one has been archived!) She owns the Geocar and the biggest Geodog - She also has one of the Anti-Cachers. She is the main author of the blog.
Pip_Squeek is 20 and has been geocaching since August 2013. She has one cache of her own and has adopted 16 (was 17!) along with Realfireflies. She has the smaller Geodog and one of the Anti-Cachers!
El-Woodio is 26 and has been geocaching since August 2013. Work and other commitments stop him caching as much as he would like but he still likes to join the girls when he can!
EveryonesMum is older than everyone else, and is in fact, Realfireflies mum! She loves getting out and about and Geocaching gives her the chance to do this. The Biggest Geodog lives with her.

The Anti-Cachers
The Anti-Cachers are a variety of others that The Geocachers drag around with them! They insist they hate caching, but we know they secretly love it! (Who wouldn't?!) They mainly consist of RealFireFlies' and Pip_Squeek's significant others, but also cover Pip_Squeek and El-Woodio's parents.

The Geodogs
The Biggest Geodog is RealFireFlies' hound, and is a 6 year old collie-cross-lurcher who particularly likes caching in new places that she hasn't explored before.
The Smaller Geodog is Pip_Squeek's hound, and is a 2 year old cairn terrier who loves anything that means he gets to go somewhere or do something!

The Geokids
Both Geokids belong with (but not to - they are her brother's children!) RealFireFlies. They are 7 and 6 respectively, and the youngest, 4, is beginning to show an interest. They have their own Geocache too!