Sunday, 3 August 2014

Clearing up Mepal

Over the last few weeks I have had my eye on clearing up around Mepal. Shaugn13 had text me earlier in the month to ask if I wanted to Geocache at some point, and so I called on him today to come and join me, and we agreed on Mepal's local area!

We started off with a single cache before moving along around Hill Hiker's Manea Mini walk. The caches along here are all unique and great little caches, and all the boxes are well stocked with great kit. I'll definitely be recommending this series, but judging by the extensive logs on such new caches, I'll be lucky to find anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of doing them! ;)

From there, we moved on the CM - I thought this was a really old micro, given the number is still three digits, but GC says it was placed in 2013. I'm not sure what is happening there!! Nevertheless, it was a find for Shaugn13 and we loitered around while a family were blackberry'ing (very early in the season!) before signing the log and checking out the wonderfully tiny church here.

From here, we moved the car and started the second loop, Mepal Gault Hole. The Gault Hole is a tiny, tucked away little nature reserve that was beautiful! I'm so glad we stumbled upon it - this is exactly what Geocaching should be about!!

This presented another lovely series of Geocaches, including #2 which surprised us and made us smile, and a great range of sizes. Again, all the caches that could be were really well stocked, and I had a great time making a tremendous noise at #4 - Anyone who has experienced this cache will know what I mean!

A lovely family of swans, who weren't phased by our presence

The horses between #3 and #4 also didn't care whether we were there or not!

Shaugn13 tried to make a new friend, though (the new friend left. Quickly. :P)

Both series, plus the two extras, took no more than 2 and a half hours and in the glorious summer sunshine, it was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. :) We finished off with Kinzey's drive-by Mepal series and headed home. And for once, I have a 100% success rate! (I'll have to go caching with Shaugn13 more often, he is clearly a lucky charm!)
-Finds Today: 20
-Finds Total: 615 (SIX HUNDRED?! ALREADY?!?!)

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  1. Hiya,

    The church micro being low digits but published in 2013 will be because the original had been archived but someone else has replaced it. If you know this and ask Steve (sadexploration) he'll say re-use the original number. :)